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Co-founding Partner, Brian Smiga, and the Alpha team, connect with venture capital partners, founders and investors to explore what drives explosive and inclusive growth. Learn from diverse and passionate VC Partners who are democratizing growth, as they delve into why and how the best venture investments are building inclusive products and services that democratize access to essential goods and services including health, wellness, education, jobs, skills, transportation, security, and commerce. Learn more, visit us here:


Rubicon Venture Capital is a bi-coastal firm. We have offices in San Francisco and New York City. We’re generalists. We invest typically in late seed, series A, and series B rounds of software internet tech companies. So that can be Fin Tech, Enterprise SAS, B2B, B2C, insurance tech, hospitality tech, mobile big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and things like that. We stay away from healthcare, ED tech, energy companies, oil and gas, and anything that’s highly-regulated, like smart city stuff, and things of that nature. Geographically, we can invest anywhere, be it within the United States, or externally. We have done several international investments. Read the full podcast transcript here. 

Math Venture Partners is an early stage fund; we like to invest in A rounds, and do a little bit of seed investing as well. We are Midwest centric, with about half of our portfolio in the Midwest, and the rest of our portfolio around the country. We are industry agnostic software tech investors, but what we really focus on, our investment thesis, is companies who know how to sell. We love entrepreneurs who have an unfair advantage or leverage in customer acquisition. That’s what gets us really stoked. Read the full podcast transcript here.

Scout is an early stage venture capital firm headquartered in New York City. We specialize in emerging technology companies in the areas of big data, marketing tech, and an area that we call frontier tech, which is AR, VR, AI, robotics, drones, autonomy, mobility, and all of those emerging tech-savvy areas. And while we’re based in New York, we invest across the country. We have a special relationship with MIT, where I am a Sloan alumni, and we also built a pretty good relationship at Carnegie Mellon. Carnegie Mellon and MIT are the top two leading institutions in the area of frontier tech, so we spend a lot of time there. Where we differentiated Scout is we are entrepreneurs and operators ourselves, so what we focus on helping these companies build the foundations to be great companies. Read the full podcast transcript here.

The New York Angels is, of course, one of many groups of professional level investors, who get together to invest in startup companies. And in its purest form, we’re looking to make money for ourselves and for the founder, and we have a deep-rooted business process that support that. We’ve been doing it longer than pretty much any other angel group in the United States. We’re one of the founding members of the National Angel Group, and the Angel Capital Association. And we’ve invested in over 200 companies, and I guess the total dollars is about $130 million to date. Read the full podcast transcript here.

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