Marc Michel

Venture Advisor

Marc Michel has had a long career as both a venture investor and founder of a successful technology company. Marc started his career as a tech banker at Merrill Lynch before moving into Merrill’s middle market buyout business. After Merrill exited the business, Marc returned to his first passion and founded Eos Partners’ venture fund. He then built and ran TD Capital USA, TD Bank’s venture and growth equity arm in NYC. In 1999, Marc became co-founder and visionary of Precyse Solutions, now one of the country’s leading clinical health data capture and management companies that serves over 4,000 health facilities. In 2008, Marc co-founded Metamorphic Ventures (renamed Compound) as one of NYC’s first Seed venture funds. Marc has backed many successful companies such as Peapod, Brooks Fiber, Mountain Union Telecom, Insite, Coinstar, IndieGoGo, MovableInk, Appboy, Transactis, Thrive Market, Tap Commerce, Tapad, and many others.

Marc is originally a Canadian citizen who moved to Cleveland, Ohio as a boy and calls himself a Clevelander at heart. Marc is an avid tennis player and fan and anyone who knows him, knows he will be at the US Open come the end of August!