Here’s a quarterly newsflash from some major news outlets on the Alpha Venture Partners portfolio

June 8, 2016
Vroom has the scale, growth and leadership to be an independent public company in a 24-month time frame.


June 10, 2016
Since launching four years ago, the company has grown from a handful of users to 25,000 hosts in 10,000 cities. In the last year, revenue tripled.


April 13, 2016
On-demand commerce, same-day delivery, instant gratification. Call it what you will, but it’s the customer-pleasing, margin-crushing chimera that Amazon is chasing like mad.


May 17, 2016
Our mission is to create the largest, most convenient and affordable shopping mall in the world. We are doing that by putting it on customer’s phones.


May 24, 2016
Snapchat is growing faster than Facebook. It has 40% of the engagement Facebook has. It has 15% of Facebook’s daily and monthly active users. Facebook is worth $330B. Is Snapchat worth 1/16 of Facebook given those numbers? I would say that if you are growing over 100% per year, arguably it is worth more.

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