Co-Founder of Alpha Partners, Brian Smiga recently chatted with Mitzi Perdue of Wealth Management to talk about how the world of Venture Capital intersects with Family Offices. Mr. Smiga goes on to explain what draws him into the world of VC and why it’s such an exciting opportunity to be a part of. 

You most likely know the old business advice, ‘Find a hole and fill it’ Brian Smiga identified a “ $20-billion-per-year hole,” and he has formulated a  lucrative way for clients to fill it; pre-IPO private technology investing. Many Family Offices are looking for a way into the private technology world of investments but don’t have the knowledge, had a prior miscalculation or don’t know where to start.  Enter Alpha Partners with a strategy that might just be exactly what they are looking for. 

Read the original article featured in Wealth Management here by Mitzi Perdue.

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