Alpha’s 2022 Pre-Partner VC List


“Who are the smartest, most prudent pre-Partner venture investors in your network?”


By mid 2022, Alpha Partners VC relationships topped 800 different funds. While a lot of our connections are with Partners, the majority of our interactions are with non-Partner investors. These investors are invaluable and often unrecognized members of the team. So, we asked investors in our network, “Who are the smartest, most prudent pre-Partner venture investors in your network?”

We received votes for over 150 junior VCs, from over 100 firms, across 6 countries, and 24 different states.

We are excited to give our pre-Partner investors the recognition they deserve, and it is our honor to spotlight the top 20 investors as voted by their peers.

Congratulations to the following VCs on receiving the most votes!
Caroline Broder (Crosslink Capital)
Jackson Bubala (Motivate Venture Capital)
Adele English (March Capital)
Brittany Walker (CRV)
Henry Magun (New Enterprise Associates)
James Hueston (Primetime Partners)
Nicole DeTommaso (Harlem Capital)
Aashay Sanghvi (Haystack)
Adrianna Samaniego (Female Founders Fund)
Ashley Aydin (Vamos Ventures)
Chelsea Zhang (Equal Ventures)
Claire Smilow (Box Group)
Dan Eidell (SaaS Ventures)
De’Havia Stewart (Anthemis)
Emma Silverman (Trail Mix Ventures)
Gabriella Brignardello (Fika Ventures)
Misha Gordon-Rowe (Susa Ventures)
Nelson Mills (Link Ventures)
Sofia Guerra (Bessemer Venture Partners)
Taylor Brandt (Headline)

A special thank you to Jesse Bloom for spearheading this effort!

To see the full list click below-
The Alpha List of Rising Star Pre-Partner Venture Investors

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